Cold brew (nutmilk) coffee

Three weeks ago I left Holland to go to California for two months, where it’s now getting warmer and warmer. My lust for a hot espresso or a nice cappuccino just

Homemade spelt sourdough bread

Recently my brother Ardjan learned me how to make a artisan style sourdough bread. I remember thinking about two years ago how disgusting the process looked like working with a

New food allergy law / allergen icons set (allergenen iconen)

BUY THEM HERE Since the 13th of december a new law has come in place to require labeling of the 14 most common allergies. When I first read this I

Gluten-free Banana Walnut Cake

Every year a big walnut tree in the garden of my parents gives a lot of walnuts, this year there were so many they barely know what to do with

Dark Chocolate Zucchini brownies

If you’re a big fan of dark chocolate you might dislike the taste of the common brownies. A way to make brownies more intense is to add less sugar, add

De Marokkaanse barbecue

De barbecue is iets waar ik als vegetariër al jaren niet echt voluit van kan genieten. Ondanks dat er ondertussen genoeg alternatieven zijn zoals het vlees van de vegetarische slager, geniet

Just recently someone told me a method to make coffee even more delicious! The idea is that you use a simple popcorn popper to roast green coffee beans for a few minutes and then wait another 2-3 days before you can make coffee from the beans. The raw beans you can buy online and in my case I bought various kinds of organic coffee beans, even one from Ethiopia where the beans are picked from wild coffee plants in a forest! I'm still figuring out the tastiest beans but they are all so much better then roasted beans or ground coffee you buy in the supermarket!