Cold brew (nutmilk) coffee

Three weeks ago I left Holland to go to California for two months, where it’s now getting warmer and warmer. My lust for a hot espresso or a nice cappuccino just

Homemade spelt sourdough bread

Recently my brother Ardjan learned me how to make a artisan style sourdough bread. I remember thinking about two years ago how disgusting the process looked like working with a

Gluten-free Banana Walnut Cake

Every year a big walnut tree in the garden of my parents gives a lot of walnuts, this year there were so many they barely know what to do with

Dark Chocolate Zucchini brownies

If you’re a big fan of dark chocolate you might dislike the taste of the common brownies. A way to make brownies more intense is to add less sugar, add

Just recently someone told me a method to make coffee even more delicious! The idea is that you use a simple popcorn popper to roast green coffee beans for a few minutes and then wait another 2-3 days before you can make coffee from the beans. The raw beans you can buy online and in my case I bought various kinds of organic coffee beans, even one from Ethiopia where the beans are picked from wild coffee plants in a forest! I'm still figuring out the tastiest beans but they are all so much better then roasted beans or ground coffee you buy in the supermarket!