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Welcome to The Good Food Kitchen

We are currently unable to accept new orders

We are The Good Food Kitchen and we serve good organic, vegetarian (or vegan) and sustainable food. We are located at the center of Utrecht and also deliver to any location, as well as cooking/preparing on location. We are not a restaurant but we do have a beautiful space where you can organize private dinners.

We are still working on the English website, therefore there is only little information available right now. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures and use google translate if you’d like to know more. If you are interested in any of the stuff we do and would like to get a bit more information, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

Products we use

More than 95 percent of the products we use are organically certified. Organic food isn’t just tastier and healthier, it is also much more sustainable in the long term.

vegan en vegetarian kitchen

We are fully devoted to the vegetarian and vegan kitchen, this makes us great in creating new meals that are fully suitable, inspireing and great tasting for all vegetarians and meat eaters included!


Freshly made on location, in your kitchen, or from our kitchen. Always with fresh ingredients and made just before dinner is served.

Sustainable materials

Every choice we make we try to do as consciously and sustainable as possible. We exclusively use ecological and organic cleaning supplies, sustainable packaging materials and eco disposables.

Exactly how you want it

We try to think about every aspect of the catering. We are always prepared to look into every situation separately and see if we can make something that fits for everyone.

Allergy or diet
Gluten-free, cow milk free, nutallergy, etc..

For every diet there is a new unique possibility. Almost every menu we offer is possible to make in an allergy free way. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.


Because we love good quality food, we buy as much organic, local food as possible and cook only vegetarian. We also cook vegan and try to help people with allergies as well, everyone deserves a great quality meal!

We prepare dinners, buffets, lunches, retreats, birthday parties and many more activities! On location we make you breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea and cake, or whatever else you’d like.


Delicious soups full of seasonal vegetables, substantial sandwiches with fresh veggies, organic local fruit juices and nicely filled salads.


Warme meals, cold buffets, different world kitchens, spicy, exotic, simple, weddings and much more

On location

Wherever on the world, complete care of your retreats, workshops and events, always with local ingredients. And of course in Holland as well.


What our clients thought about us and our food

Connections and commissioners

Our inspiration, updates and recipes

(Nederlands) Italian pumpkin soup with fresh Rosemary

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Cold brew (nutmilk) coffee

Three weeks ago I left Holland to go to California for two months, where it’s now getting warmer and warmer. My lust for a hot espresso or a nice cappuccino just

Homemade spelt sourdough bread

Recently my brother Ardjan learned me how to make a artisan style sourdough bread. I remember thinking about two years ago how disgusting the process looked like working with a

New food allergy law / allergen icons set (allergenen iconen)

BUY THEM HERE Since the 13th of december a new law has come in place to require labeling of the 14 most common allergies. When I first read this I

Gluten-free Banana Walnut Cake

Every year a big walnut tree in the garden of my parents gives a lot of walnuts, this year there were so many they barely know what to do with

Dark Chocolate Zucchini brownies

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We are currently unable to accept new orders, we are sorry about this.

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