De Marokkaanse barbecue(Nederlands) Groente Tajine met verse groente uit de tuin, gedroogde vruchten, verse munt en echte feta. Dit gerecht is gemaakt met allemaal verse groenten uit de tuin van mijn ouders. Pompoen, courgette, snijbiet, palm kool, boontjes, ui, zure appels, munt en gedroogde pruimen. Een volle Tajine met brood of een ander bijgerecht is genoeg voor zes personen.
(English) Gluten-free Banana Walnut CakeThis banana walnut cake with a pinch of ginger gives a very soft and nutty taste which really fits in the autumn. The reason I added ginger is because of its fresh peppery taste which isn't actually that spicy and in combination with cinnamon this fits really well together. It's best to use old bananas as they taste much better and you can easily mix them in.
(English) Roasting your own coffee beansJust recently someone told me a method to make coffee even more delicious! The idea is that you use a simple popcorn popper to roast green coffee beans for a few minutes and then wait another 2-3 days before you can make coffee from the beans. The raw beans you can buy online and in my case I bought various kinds of organic coffee beans, even one from Ethiopia where the beans are picked from wild coffee plants in a forest! I’m still figuring out the tastiest beans but they are all so much better then roasted beans or ground coffee you buy in the supermarket!